Name of United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences:Tottori University
Assigned university:Tottoriuniversity
Specialized field:Bioproduction and Bioenvironmental Sciences/ Entomology
Research Theme:Identification of female sex pheromone of a serious pest of cultivated Eustoma, Stenoptilia zophodactyla (Lepidoptera: Pterophoridae)
Obtained (planned) degree/date:Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. (Agriculture)  Obtained in September 2024 (scheduled)


The insect pests are damaging around 18–20% of the annual crop production around the world, estimated at a value of more than US$470 billion. Traditionally, the majority of farmers follow chemical control practices, but in recent years, resistance to the pesticides has increased and the toxicity of the pesticides has become a serious problem for beneficial insects, biodiversity and human health. There is now greater interest in using biocontrol methods that use natural insect pheromones. During my doctoral course, I will identify the female sex pheromone of many species, and develop practical methods of monitoring and mating disruption using the female sex pheromone. Unfortunately, there is no such specialization in Palestine, despite the intensive research to collect a huge amount of information about this specialty. Now I have the opportunity to study this specialization and disseminate this information to the concerned authorities responsible for the agricultural sector in Palestine in order to help farmers, raise awareness, reduce use of chemical pesticides and dissemination of the concept of biological control by using pheromone traps. In the future, I would like to get a job or a position where I can carry out research and educational practices in a wide range of fields related to the Entomology and Integrated Pest Management (IPM). As a researcher, I look into the ways that will help in serving the human mankind by reducing use of pesticide, improving food quality and enhancing biodiversity.