The “Global Alumni Network (GAN-RENDAI)” is a network organization that aims to develop universities and members, centered on alumni, for all those involved in the United Graduate School of Agriculture.
Utilizing such a network, we will train “researchers and engineers with advanced specialized abilities and abundant academic knowledge” who will be the leaders of society in the future, and strive to make everyone involved proud. It is an organization that will continue to do so.

「グローバル同窓会ネットワーク(Global Alumni Network=GAN-RENDAI)」は、同窓生を中心とし、連合農学研究科に関わったすべての方々を対象として、大学及び会員の皆様の発展を目指すネットワーク組織です。

GAN-RENDAI will carry out the following missions.
(1) A new dedicated website << GAN-RENDAI Web >> will be constructed in order to constantly network related parties including graduates and current students who have been networked as a project. In addition to graduates and current students, a new network will be created by the participation of various stakeholders such as parents, students / workers who wish to enroll in the university, students / faculty members of other universities, etc. It functions as an exchange space to be created.
(2) Add value to the platform by sending information such as mutual messages from current students and graduates, job hunting, study abroad / advancement information, etc. to the prepared database from the dedicated website.
(3) Based on the “GAN-RENDAI China Branch” launched in 2018, we will closely examine the current status and prospects of network formation in the country, and promote network formation in other Asian and African regions using this case as a model case. Ultimately, these branches of each country will be connected to form a global network.

①これまでプロジェクト的にネットワーク化していた修了生や在学生を含む関係者を恒常的にネットワーク化するため、専用のWebサイト≪GAN-RENDAI Web≫を新たに構築する。サイトには修了生や在校生に加え、その保護者や連大への入学を希望する学生・社会人、他連大の学生・教職員など多様な関係者が参加することによって、新たなネットワークが生み出される交流スペースとして機能させる。

GAN-RENDAI Constitution


The Tottori University Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences is a doctoral program for the latter three years, which was established in 1989 by combining the three master’s programs of Tottori University, Shimane University, and Yamaguchi University’s Graduate School of Agriculture.
The purpose of establishing this graduate school is to create an educational and research system for graduate school doctoral programs in agriculture, which organizes a wide range of highly specialized educational and research fields that cannot be achieved by one university alone. It is to promote research on international arid land science, to train researchers and engineers with high professional ability and abundant academic knowledge, and to contribute to the progress of academic research in Japan and the development of various biological industries.

This graduate school attaches great importance to education for industrial working people and actively accepts working people. We are also actively accepting foreign students, especially those who wish to study abroad from developing countries, who have been increasing rapidly in recent years, as human resources who can contribute to the development of their home countries. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Japan International Research Center for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (JIRCAS), we are promoting exchanges in education and research.