Name of United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences:Tottori University
Assigned university:Tottori university
Specialized field:Food Chemistry/Biotechnology and Bioprocessing
Research theme:Characterization of bioactive compounds in foods and plants Effect of processing methods on the quality of foods
Obtained (planned) degree/date:Doctor of Philosophy in Bioresources Sciences


I am a 45 years old Sudanese scientist obtaining B.Sc. in Food Science and Technology in 2001 from University of Khartoum, Sudan, M.Sc. in Bioproduction Sciences (Biochemistry and Biotechnology) in 2007 and Ph.D. in Bioresources Sciences (Microbial Biotechnology) in 2010 from Tottori University, Japan. Currently, I am working as a full professor of Food Chemistry and Biotechnology at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. Science graduation, I have been working hard and now I am an active food scientists carrying research and academic activities in a wide area of Food Science and Technology. During my research carrier, I gain many research skills and mastered a lot of techniques of protein purification and characterization, DNA isolation cloning, identification and characterization tools, analysis of different metabolites, isolation and identification of new bacterial isolates, utilization of bioactive compounds in food products, and food processing. In addition to research I also took some administrative and teaching positions which gave me much skills and interests. I have great collaborations with well-known scientists from different countries (Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Turkey, and China) and I published more than 215 research and review papers in international journals and well as some book chapters. I like research work and collaboration with scientists all over the world. I am willing to have more research and academic activities in the field of Food Science and Technology to solve problems related to food production, quality, and safety and to develop healthy and nutritious food to meet the increased global need for nutritious and healthy food for humans.

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Web of Science Researcher ID; (P-2717-2016); N-3593-2019