Name of United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences:Tottori University
Assigned university:Tottori university
Specialized field:Ruminant nutrition and energy metabolism
Research theme:Rumen microorganism and microecological stability Methane emissions and energy utilization of ruminant
Obtained (planned) degree/date:Doctor of Global Arid Land Science (Agriculture) Obtained in March 2020


Currently, I’m a lecturer at Lanzhou University from China, focusing on mitigating ruminant methane emission and increasing energy conversion efficiency from grassland to ruminant in the natural grazing system. I am also broadly interested in understanding the relationship between grazing behavior and the energy metabolism of grazing ruminants. During my master period at Lanzhou University, I did some research on grazing behavior and productivity of Tibetan sheep on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, whereas forage biochemical catabolism and the methane mitigation of ruminant for my doctoral study in Japan. In the future, I’d like to promote the rapid development of animal husbandry with lower carbon production in the world through my research on ruminant nutrition and energy metabolism.

Qualification: Ruminant nutrition, greenhouse gas, rumen microorganism


Main published papers

  1. Du Wuchen, Yan Tianhai, Chang Shenghua, Wang Zhaofeng, & Hou Fujiang·Research on Seasonal hogget grazing as a potential alternative grazing system for the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau: weight gain and animal behaviour under continuous or rotational grazing at high or low stocking rates, The Rangeland Journal, 39, 2017; URL:
  2. Du Wuchen, Hou Fujiang, Tsunekawa Atsushi, Kobayashi Nobuyuki, Ichinohe Toshiyoshi, & Peng Fei·Research on Effects of the Diet Inclusion of Common Vetch Hay Versus Alfalfa Hay on the Body Weight Gain, Nitrogen Utilization Efficiency, Energy Balance, and Enteric Methane Emissions of Crossbred Simmental Cattle, Animals, 9, 2019; URL:
  3. Du Wuchen, Hou Fujiang, Tsunekawa Atsushi, Kobayashi Nobuyuki, Peng Fei, & Ichinohe Toshiyoshi·Research on Substitution of leguminous forage for oat hay improves nitrogen utilization efficiency of crossbred Simmental calves, Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, 104, 2019; URL:
  4. Du Wuchen, Hou Fujiang, Tsunekawa Atsushi, Kobayashi Nobuyuki, Ichinohe Toshiyoshi, & Peng Fei·Research on Effects of oat hay and leguminous forage mixture feeding on body weight gain, enteric methane emission and energy utilization in crossbred Simmental male beef cattle, Animal Science Journal, 91, 2020; URL: