Name of United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences:Tottori University
Assigned university:Tottoriuniversity
Specialized field:Managerial economic/ Evaluation impact of water and soil management
Research Theme:Evaluation the effect of soil and water conservation practices and optimizing fertilizers on smallholders’ farmers for cereals production.
Obtained (planned) degree/date:Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. (Agriculture)  Obtained in March 2024 (scheduled)


Agriculture plays a crucial role in achieving the development goals of promoting growth and reducing poverty in Africa. As a graduate engineer in rural development with a passion for agricultural research, I have been able to develop a rich skills and professional experience. As a junior researcher, I am currently working on Soil Fertility Management (SFM), Food Security and Agricultural Resilience. My professional skills mainly cover: Market analysis and economics; analysis of the agricultural and agri-food sectors; global value chain approaches; econometric analysis and socio-economic modelling; analysis and processing of qualitative and quantitative survey data. My research Doctoral aims to propose options for integrated management of innovative technologies that are cost-effective and efficient for smallholder farmers in northern Burkina Faso. After graduation, I plan to become a specialist in the economic analysis of organo-mineral fertilization technologies. First, I intend to contribute to the economic evaluation of technologies to guide policy decisions and the choice of cost-effective technologies to be disseminated for the well-being of small producers. Then, I intend to be a leading consultant in the economic evaluation of fertilization projects to support partners and investors in making economic and financial choices for fertilizer extension specific to cereal and cash crops. Lastly, I intend to contribute to orienting smallholders’ farmers on profitable organo-mineral fertilization technologies that are accessible to their income. This specialization will enable me to initiate bilateral collaborations for development projects and the establishment of a repertoire of expertise for the benefit of Burkina Faso and Japan.