2021年度は⼈的ネットワークの強化を図り、情報を発信するプラットホームとしてWEB サイトを開設しました。




On March 25, 2022, the “General Meeting 2021” was held online, hosted by the Global Alumni Network of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (GAN-RENDAI), Tottori University.

GAN-RENDAI is an organization that serves as a platform for all those involved with the UGSAS(alumni, current students, related faculty, and related organizations) to interact.
In FY2021, we strengthened our human network and opened a website as a platform to disseminate information. In conjunction with the launch of the website, a general meeting was held for the first time as a place for regular exchange of information.

At the exchange meeting, Chairperson of the GAN-RENDAI Dr. Motoichiro Kodama (Dean, of the UGSAS Tottori University) gave an opening address introducing the current status of the UGSAS, afterwards, Trustee (Education and International Exchange) Fumio Tamura, Vice President (Promotion of International Exchange) Kumi Yasunobu, and Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Norihiro Shimomura gave opening remarks on the General Assembly and their wishes for GAN-RENDAI’s future development.

Then, Dr. Hidehiko Ogata, Vice Dean of GAN-RENDAI introduced how to use the website, and Dr. Mu Yueying, Chairman of GAN-RENDAI China Branch (Professor, School of Economics and Management, China Agricultural University), reported on the activities of the branch.
This was followed by reports on research activities by three alumni and three current students.

This year’s general meeting was held online so that interested parties residing in countries around the world could participate, and 79 people from 14 countries attended.
The participants’ questionnaire showed a high level of satisfaction, and many expressed a desire to continue holding the meeting for the sake of exchange between alumni and current students.
In addition, there were many opinions regarding the revitalization of the website, and many expressed a desire to establish a branch in their own country.
Based on the results of this event, we aim to expand the network even more firmly and extensively in FY2022.